New Hire Training Webinar

Struggling to get new hires trained the right way?

Have you been placing new hire custodians with the 20-year veteran with one years’ experience twenty times over?  Its ok. It’s the normal process for training custodians.  This program has been developed to get your new hires off to a blazing start.

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They will learn the right way from the start!

Get the new hire off on the right foot by enrolling them in this short and sweet 2.5-hour course that covers what they need to get started, be a Rockstar on your team and take your headaches away.  You will want to clone these custodians. Topics taught include:

  • Disinfecting Best Practices
  • Personal Protection Equipment & Safety
  • Restroom & Locker Room Cleaning
  • How to Work a Room or Section
  • Proper Chemical Dilution
  • Hard Floor & Carpet Care
  • Touch Points & Dwell Time
  • Cleaning Equipment & Tools
  • Human Interaction Tips
  • Disc Profile
  • and more


How It Works:

  1. Register now and sign up your new hire (p cards accepted)
  2. Zoom link will be emailed morning of the training to the attendee (last Thursday of the month)
  3. Have your new hire attend the training from 2-4:30 pm est. the last Thursday of the month
  4. Receive a certificate of completion after the webinar via email


You will feel confident knowing your new hires:

  • Are starting off with the knowledge they need to keep people safe
  • Are learning industry best practices from an ISSA certified trainer
  • Have a platform to ask questions and get the right answers
  • Will know you care about them and their career
  • Have a much higher chance of a long, successful career


Reach out with any questions or register now for the next New Hire Training Webinar.