Our Brand



A company with strong roots, we span three generations, and our logo embodies this spirit through the sharply defined, vintage-inspired W. Its versatile representation of open space enables everyone to be a part of our family.

As you may know, we are a company culture that embraces the “family” characteristics among our clients, suppliers and employees, valuing long-term relationships and communication very seriously.

Through our brand, we are able to communicate our ever-expanding vision that encourages growth and empathy for the diversifying needs of our clients in each of your respective companies.

Our tagline “Focused on You” communicates our goal of helping our clients with the challenges and goals that they have.  At Weiss Bros. it’s about the client’s agenda, not ours.

Our mission will always remain the same – Be the best in the eyes of our clients, suppliers and employees. However, our promise is to seek out new opportunities to self-improve and deliver innovative solutions and incorporate technology as part of our everyday management.

Our goal is to be intentional about advancing our product line, helping our clients to manage their business operations to meet their goals, knowing they have the most advantageous solutions in hand, from the most dependable supply solutions company.

Honored to be part of your business,

Michael Weiss, President