Getting the Brand Together

At Weiss Bros., our logo serves as a means of recognition and advertising- it’s a staple part of reaching a new audience. While we are delivering an order, our client will recognize us, but as we drive down the highway, there could be ten potential clients who connect with our brand.

At Weiss Bros., part of our Focused On You mission is helping you find ways to connect with your current and potential clients in new and exciting ways. Here are a few products where you can emphasize your brand to keep them thinking about you!

Box Sealing Tape: Whether your customers get the package in the mail or it’s part of your inventory, your brand is further emphasized with branded box sealing tape. For the customers who order something from your catalog and get the branded tape, their experience is heightened ten-fold, and they are more likely to talk about your company. Also, custom stretch wrap to wrap pallets.

“Plastic” Ware: From napkins to cups to cutlery kits to to-go bags, these are other elements that at first don’t seem obvious ways to brand, but if you’re catering a company picnic, an event or have a communal kitchen it’s good to showcase your brand.

Restaurant Items: Again, another area branded plastic-ware is a must. Also, branded pizza boxes and takeout containers. When they reach in the fridge for leftovers, let your box stand out. When it’s getting delivered, let neighbors see the brand. As often as you can, have a prominent presence. This includes branding your glasses, mugs and other drinkware with your logo – whether you use them as leave-behinds or part of your advertising kit, or restaurant and bar, slap a logo on it! Moreover, if you have a glass, you have a coaster, and if you have a coaster, you have placemats — every piece prime real estate for branding. Cutlery kits, water bottles, take out t-shirt bags, logo coffee cups, and soup bowls. So many options.

From Bathroom to The Front Room: Have a restroom? You have an opportunity to brand your soap, towel and toilet paper dispensers. Have entrance rooms doors that enter your building? Or walkways? You can imprint your matting for the best first impression ever.

By now you realize how Weiss Bros., combined with your custom identity, can help give your clients a lasting impression. A couple of thoughts to keep in mind as you get started: “Your logo is your identity. A custom logo can distinguish you from competitors and differentiate your brand from others.”

Ready? Let’s get the brand together!

Focused On You,

Weiss Bros.