Ten Ways To Spring Clean Your Workspace

Now that spring has arrived, let’s talk spring cleaning and equipment maintenance. While we have classes and experienced team members available year-round to help you focus on keeping your facility in tip-top condition, we’ve compiled ten rules that help you rule your workplace.

SAFETY & PEACE OF MIND: Never underestimate the importance of protecting yourself when doing any type of equipment maintenance. It only takes a second, one ricochet from metal for example, to cause irreparable damage. Protect yourself – always wear work gloves, eye protection and masks.

VACUUM BRUSH ROLLERS: As your vacuum cleaner rollers do their job sweeping up messes, it’s important to remember you have a role as well. To perform at their best, you must keep them clean from debris and check wear on the brush to ensure maximum pick up. Pro tip: (With the unit off) take a credit card and run it over the bottom of your vacuum. The brush should contact the credit card (this tells you the brush is in good condition – if it doesn’t come in contact replace the brush).

CORDS: You may have heard about this before, it’s tried and true, and the best way to extend the life of the cord – unplug the cord from the wall at the receptacle—DO NOT PULL cord on the actual cord from several feet away, especially at an angle. Additionally, 1) straighten the cable before wrapping 2) do not vacuum over cord (this will remove the necessary insulation around the wires), and 3) do not use a carpet vacuum or sweeper to suck up anything wet or use over a damp surface.

AUTO SCRUBBERS PART I: Unlike most things in life, you always want to leave the lid open when not in use. Clean out the recovery system and rinse several times, after which you can lightly spray disinfectant to keep a bacteria-free unit.

AUTO SCRUBBERS, PART II: Struggle with clogs and streaking? While this is a common problem, the solution is quick. Wiping the squeegee clean after every use will prevent issues while prolonging the life of your Auto Scrubbers.

CARPET EXTRACTOR: Carpets sticky, stained or looking dingy? Pre-spray the area then use plain water in your extractor. This will help in eliminating sticky residue on the carpet fiber that can cause tracking.

BURNING THE FLOOR: It doesn’t take a machine catching on fire for it to burn your floor! If you run it in one spot for an extended period, the pad can and will burn the floor.

LOG BOOKS: It’s not the months that matter but the hours your machine puts in. By keeping track of the hours used, you can utilize a battery charging schedule. The next thing you’ll know your equipment will run smoother and last longer.

RULE OF TEN: Remember to change vacuum filters after using ten bags. A clean filter will prevent loss of suction and keep your vacuum operating at full performance.

FINAL TIP: Keeping your unit clean and updated will extend the life of your equipment. Any tip that keeps your facility in tip-top condition and will protect your substantial capital investment is a tip worth following!

Have any other spring-cleaning tools of the trade you need advice on? We’re here to help!

Focused On You,


Weiss Bros.