Dilution Solution: Benefits of Dilution Control Systems

When it comes to chemicals, you don’t want to mess around. They can be dangerous if not handled properly, and they can also become expensive if wasted. Luckily, there are ways to handle chemicals safely and effectively. One of those ways is a dilution control system. A dilution control system can ensure that the proper amount of chemical is used for a task, eliminating the risks and waste of improper measuring. Anyone that wants to benefit from controlled chemical use or sustainable solutions can benefit from a dilution control system. The two major benefits are that they encourage safety and are cost effective.

How a Dilution Control System Encourages Safety

When dealing with chemicals, it is extremely important that the proper amount is being used. A dilution control system can eliminate the use of the “glug-glug” method when measuring chemicals, which is the dangerous method of blindly measuring chemical dilution through the use of a cap, measuring cup or “experience” and hoping you come close to the proper measurement. It’s essentially the “spray and pray” of chemical dilution. Too much chemical can cause damage to the surface being cleaned, and too little can result in an insufficient job. Also, the back splash of the pour could put employees at risk of exposure. A dilution control system allows for a controlled, measured flow of chemical.

How a Dilution Control System is Cost-Effective

It’s no secret that chemicals can be expensive. Any waste of chemical is a waste of company money. With a dilution control system, you’ll know that you’re using the proper amount of chemical every time. No more “eyeballing” and possibly wasting chemical through improper measurement, leave that to the mad scientists with the crazy hair. Facilities with dilution control systems can save two to three times their usual chemical use, which in turn saves money.

Solutions for Dilution Control:

3M™ Wall Mount Action Gap Flow Control System


This system is easy to use, compact and lockable. It safely and accurately dilutes chemicals to create ready to use cleaning products. Click here to order.

Spartan Clean on the Go® Low Flow Dispenser


This dispenser is adaptable, as it can be both portable and stationary. It is designed to provide an immediate positive impact on any sanitation program through dilution control. Click here to order.

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