Stopping Salt and Ice Melt Tracking in Its Tracks

As we encounter a regular shift in temperatures, the threat of adverse weather conditions brings with it many changes. While some may be perceived as complications, taking the proper proactive steps can reduce long-term property damage and other harmful side-effects from winter’s snow, ice, sleet, and rain.

Maintaining a safe work environment for both your employees and clients is more than just installing handrails and security alarms. The smallest details like choosing the right products can make the most significant difference in the well-being of anyone who encounters the sidewalks and entrance-ways of your establishment.

As you tune into your preferred weather channel for storm warnings and advisories, the salt and ice melt begins leaving more than just a melted pathway. It leaves tracks. If you are struggling with keeping the salt and ice melt off your floors, there are confirmed ways to prevent tracks. Here are a few tips and suggestions:

  • Upkeep all outside matting. Ensuring it’s clean and bright so when visitors wipe their feet before the entrance, they aren’t wiping their soles in old debris. An easy way to accomplish this is by sweeping or using a blower to move off any bits off the matting.
  • Purchase extra matting during wet weather to help wipe the feet before walking on your floors. Even if you have days of slower foot traffic, the risk of a mat unable to dry is significant. A practical and efficient way to combat a mat that doesn’t prevent drying wet shoes is keeping multiples on stock.
  • On your entrance matting, lightly spray a Hydrogen Peroxide-based product. It is pivotal you keep your bottle correctly labeled and that you spray, not soak the mat! This will neutralize the salt/ice melt on the feet thereby reducing tracking on the floor.

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  • While Weiss Bros. encourages many practices, there are a few we adamantly are against. Never vacuum up the salt/ice melt product. Overtime, this will cause severe damage to your vacuum. Utilize a sweeper or wet/dry vac – sometimes even a broom and dustpan to collect the loose salt and ice melt can accomplish the task.
  • Lastly, a quick, affordable solution to combat the aftereffects of winter’s prominent presence is to have a mop and bucket or flat mop with a solution cartridge on hand to mop the floors. Your solutions should consist of a neutral hydrogen peroxide-based solution. This again will help reduce the tracking.

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We look forward to helping you make your environment a safe, cleaner, track-free place.

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