5 Benefits of Professional Development for Custodians

Custodians play an essential role in the success of many organizations and are one of the most crucial components to maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment for all. Sadly, however, they have few opportunities for professional development.

Custodian training is often overlooked by management, but it’s an investment that can save you time, money and keep the people who enter it safe. Let’s explore some of the ways that professional development for custodians can benefit your organization…


Improved job skills:

When trained correctly, custodians are equipped with the skills they need to undertake their role with excellence.

Training often includes best practices when it comes to their work, as well as teaching other skills like customer service and even leadership development.

Custodian training can help staff to communicate effectively, ensuring they know how to deal courteously with visitors to the facility and even students in an educational setting.

Custodians who have undertaken the right professional development can progress to take on the role of lead custodian which allows them to train their own staff, set schedules for other custodians, and supervise other custodial staff.

Training is a cost-effective way of ensuring that employees can work efficiently without supervision.


Improved safety:

Custodian roles typically require long hours with high physical demands. Studies show that over 80% of all injuries in the workplace are caused by overexertion or repetitive motions. Training can teach employees how to follow appropriate safety procedures to avoid these types of injuries by lifting properly and using the correct tools and equipment. Custodian training also assists staff in working safely with hazardous materials and reduces the risk of injury from accidents by using appropriate personal protective equipment.


Enhanced morale & higher retention rates:

Without opportunities for professional development, employees can easily become bored with their work or feel like they’re not making a difference. Allowing them to learn new skills helps them to see how much value they bring to the company.
The skills learned at a professional development program don’t just benefit the cleaning staff; they help to maximize productivity throughout an entire facility by reducing turnover among cleaning staff.

When staff feel appreciated by employers who take an active interest in their work and in-vest in their professional development, it has a positive effect psychologically and they often feel happier about working for organizations long-term.


Increased engagement:

Professional training has the potential to give custodians a voice in their work environment. In many facilities, custodians are not given much input on how to manage their tasks and time. They may also be ignored if they have concerns or suggestions about the facility. Custodians who have participated in professional development programs are more likely to be respected by their employers and other employees because they can articulate what they do, how they clean a given room or area of the building and any needs that might arise for them while doing so.

Custodian training can help staff in their interactions with each other by equipping them with the ability to manage conflict, work as a team, and communicate ideas. When staff is confident talking about their work with others, it can help them to feel respected and valued with-in the organization.


Increased Efficiency & Productivity:

Custodians are responsible for not only maintaining cleanliness but often also safety, fire prevention, and disaster prevention within the facilities. Custodian training teaches employees how to keep everything on schedule and complete their tasks efficiently so they don’t become overwhelmed by their workloads. Job satisfaction is correlated with employee confidence in their abilities to do their job well. This in turn increases motivation levels and has a direct positive effect on productivity.


It’s important to make sure you’re providing the best possible support for your custodians. We’ve outlined five of the most significant benefits that professional development can pro-vide and there are many more. Whether it’s reduced absenteeism and turnover rates, decreased employee stress levels, or increased productivity in the workplace as a result of happier, healthier employees, we’re sure you will agree that custodian training is an investment worth making.

Is custodian training part of your organization’s current strategy? If not, we are here to help. You can learn more at www.custodiantraining.com or email us at training@weissbros.com.