Planned Maintenance

Imagine having a team that takes care of your equipment issues before your costs compile. There are many reasons a planned maintenance program makes sense, including:

  • Regular PM service means less downtime. Your equipment is ready to work!
  • PM service helps to insure that the equipment is in SAFE, operating condition.
  • Protects machine investment by correcting small problems before they become big ones.
  • Asset Management – Tracking of life cycle and depreciation of equipment.
  • Detailed service reports allowing the owner to track service performed.
  • PM customers receive priority scheduling for all service calls.

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Did you know:

  • Over the life time of an unmaintained piece of equipment, the owner will pay that amount again in service. Maintained equipment will only cost 50% of the initial purchase cost and will last an average of 2 years longer.
  • Total cleaning costs are typically 96% for labor and 4% for everything else.
  • 70% of facility managers exceed their repair budget due to lack of maintenance.
  • 28% of equipment in any given facility either needs repair or is not working effectively.
  • 88% of all facilities have equipment out-of-service, and most of the time facility managers are not aware.

We offer several types of Planned Maintenance programs:

1. Flat Rate Maintenance Agreement – This program provides the customer with a set rate for regularly scheduled planned maintenance. This rate will be determined by the frequency of the planned maintenance service.

2. Actual Time and Material – This program bills the customer for the actual time and materials that are necessary to complete a quality service of their machinery. It allows the customer to pre-schedule their service.

3. Performance Inspections – This program is designed for customers who only need our certified technicians to inspect their equipment and report their findings.

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