7 Ways Businesses Can Earn Customer Trust

Before they can feel comfortable in an indoor environment (e.g., restaurant, store, airport, office etc.), customers will need to believe the business is doing everything they can to promote cleanliness and safety. Employees will also need to know that their workplaces are safe. Here are seven ways businesses can use their cleaning operations to establish trust.  Request your free guide to learn more:


Cleaning as branding – As we mentioned earlier, businesses that formerly focused mainly on the functional aspect of cleaning will need to adopt a psychological approach. This is because human health and safety has made cleanliness business-critical in a way that it was not before.

Highly visible cleaning – In the past, most cleaning operations were organized to be as unobtrusive as possible.  In the future, this will likely change.

Stricter cleaning procedures – We noted earlier that businesses will be held to higher cleaning standards than they were in the past. In some regions, this may come from government regulations, as we’re already seeing in certain parts of the United States, where, for example, state reopening procedures for retail establishments include cleaning requirements.

Greater focus on critical areas – High-touch areas, like door handles, light switches, and touchpoints on equipment, are already focus areas for cleaning. That focus may become even more pronounced.

Documentation and disclosure of cleaning procedures and frequency – It’s probably fair to say that before COVID-19, most people weren’t interested in the specifics of the cleaning protocols used in shopping malls, sports arenas, or train stations. In the future, however, those protocols are likely to be posted at the entrances of these venues and more so that customers, employees, and visitors can assess the cleanliness of the facility before they enter.

Increased focus on cleaner’s safety and working conditions – The cleaning profession is already short-staffed and has a notoriously high rate of employee turnover. For example, in the United States, the turnover rate is estimated to be bout 200%.

Physical changes in buildings – We have already witnessed businesses adapting to support social distancing and limit critical contact point risks – such as markings on the floor to indicate safe 6-foot distances and plexiglass dividers between employees and customers.

* Source: Nilfisk Advance Cleaning in the Covid-19 Area


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