Bus Safety & Cleaning Program

Concerned your bus transportation team isn’t prepared to keep buses safe?

If you are concerned your team doesn’t know how to clean their bus to keep riders safe, this program maybe for you.

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Full program to get your buses safely rolling!

Program includes:

  • Training video on safety and cleaning a bus
  • Standard Operating Procedures for bus safety, cleaning, guidelines and tips
  • Bus Cleaned and Disinfected signage letting riders and parents know you are keeping them safe
  • Frequently Touched Surface Stickers identifying hot spots


How It Works


  • Buy Now (p cards accepted)
  • Training video and SOPs will be emailed
  • Bus Cleaned & Disinfected signage and Frequently Touched Stickers will be mailed (you pick the quantities)

You will feel confident knowing:

  • Your team know how to clean their buses for safety
  • Your team has SOPs to follow and know everyone is operating off the same procedures
  • Students and parents will feel safe getting on the bus knowing when the last time the bus was cleaned and disinfected
  • Hot spots have been identified

Reach out with any questions or Buy Now to get started today.