Core Values & Focus

core value

Our core values and core focus are what guide the Weiss Bros. team everyday. We hire individuals who share our values in both their personal and professional lives. When you partner with Weiss Bros. you can expect to work with people who are deeply committed to the following values:


In To It

Our people are engaged. They bring energy, are focused and make a positive difference. They have passion for their work, are driven, and believe in the company’s belief in partnerships.


Do What You Say

Our people are accountable and committed. They are results driven, accurate and dependable. If they say they will do something, you can considerate it done, exactly what you would expect from a great partner.



Our people are willing to listen, are helpful, courteous and easy to talk to. They are even tempered, calm and respectful. They are open, willing to listen to new ideas and allow others to respectfully agree or disagree. A true win, win partnership.


Positive Attitude

Our people are enthusiastic, glass is half full, seeks solutions not blame, says “I can” and “we will” in all dealings both inside and outside of the organization


Collaborative Relationships

No I in team, together we are stronger, partners, work with others to advance the goals of Weiss Bros. at all times



We believe in the power of partnerships. Great partnerships provide the means and opportunities for mutual success.