Clean Up to 8x Faster!

Would you like to add labor hours without adding staff? According to the American Institute of Cleaning Services, vacuuming can represent 15-25% of the total cost of cleaning a building. You can improve this task by going cordless with equipment.

Benefits of going cordless with backpack and up-right vacuums are:

  • Increasing efficiency – clean up to 8x faster than a traditional corded upright.
  • Lightweight equipment – Over 25% lighter to reduce fatigue.
  • Reducing the risk of trip and falls – no more cords makes the task safer

Speaking of trip, did you know:

  • Companies spend $70 billion in costs due to employee slip/fall accidents
  • 38 days on average of missed days by injured employee


Go cordless without compromising the bottom line

Improving productivity and efficiency of an entire team can save you time and money. When you go cordless with Hoover, your team has the swap and go flexibility to seamlessly recharge and replace batteries without slowing down.

If you would like to add labor hours without adding staff, reach out to Weiss Bros. to book a discovery meeting and learn about going cordless.


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