Daily Floor Upkeep

Regardless of what industry you work in, every day we utilize our floors. Some days all we leave behind is dirt. Other days our floors encounter water, salt, and scuff marks. Our daily foot traffic from the entrance to the stock room to the showroom to the office can quickly cause damage. However, once proper maintenance gets implemented, the problem can often be rectified if not sometimes reversed.

At Weiss Bros., you’re equipped with solutions that cover long-term care, in addition to the Hard Floor Care & Equipment classes that provide you with tools, education, demonstrations, and a certificate of completion.

Here are eight tips to get you started.

1. Having a daily interim and restorative plan that’s both backdated and has alerts for future cleanings to track your diligence will help to keep your floors looking excellent and extend the life before you have to strip and replace.

 2. Utilizing a neutral floor cleaner with a PH of 7 helps guarantee you do not damage the finish that is on your floor – extending the life of your finish.

 3. Always starting from the top – ceiling to the floor – proper, invasive dusting before you start your daily mopping is integral to remove all debris. Cleaning from areas like vents, ceilings, molding, etc. ensures your bucket isn’t filled up with dirty debris that is put back on the floor.

 4. Utilizing an Automatic Scrubber in place of your standard mop bucket wringer can increase your productivity and reduce your labor time. Additionally, the floors dry and clean more efficiently.

 5. When burnishing your floors, make sure you are continually moving it. If you stop in one place while it is running, you risk burning a mark on the floor. It is essential to remember to dust mop before running a burnisher as this helps in not allowing debris back into the floor finish.

 6. New, advanced mopping tools like flat mop systems are readily available which allow the operator to experience less fatigue, need fewer chemicals, and have quicker drying times.

 7. Always log your floor maintenance. E.g., Room Name; Strip & Finish Date; Burnish Date; Top Scrub & Recoat Date. This allows you to keep everything on a regular schedule without missing an important maintenance milestone.

 8. Take time to clean all equipment that’s been used: Specifically, disinfecting units after cleaning. Moreover, use a light spray in your recovery tank on scrubbers leaving the lid open and use spray disinfectant inside of mop buckets at the end of shift. This keeps the bacteria levels down and results in fewer odors and cross-contamination of bacteria.

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