Disinfecting To Protect: The Fight Against Germs

Every season brings a new strain of prominent airborne pathogens, and these malicious micro-organisms can establish themselves permanently in the workplace if not eliminated using high-grade disinfecting and sanitizing products. Ignoring germ remediation can lead to many negative repercussions – including employee absenteeism – that can seriously impact workplace productivity.

This month, Weiss Bros. is focused on your fight against the four major types of germs – bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Check out our easy and effective ways to protect your employees from their harmful effects this season:

  1. Disinfection kills significantly more germs than sanitization. Ensure your product has an EPA Registration Number considered to be a legitimate, formidable disinfectant.
  1. Germs can reproduce incredibly quickly under optimal conditions. For example, bacteria quickly multiply where the temperature is approximately 95F to 100F degrees. Knowing where common pathogens flourish can help you be proactive in your fight against germs.
  1. Most pathogens reproduce by dividing in two every 15-20 minutes. Follow these rules to safeguard you don’t inadvertently accommodate them with an environment for growth and duplication.
  1. Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines when using disinfectants to avoid potentially hazardous safety violations. It is critical to comply with your cleaners’ directions and warnings. These disinfectants are only effective because they are chemically potent.
  1. Never mix your disinfectant with other chemical products; this will reduce the intended effects and can also produce harmful byproducts.
  1. Make sure you have Safety Data Sheets (SDS Sheets) for all your disinfecting and cleaning products secure within your facility. Having SDS sheets aids in chemical management and company-wide communication on the regulations and components of each product.
  1. Removing soil and other debris before disinfecting will reduce bacteria reproduction.
  1. Allow the proper amount of dwell time on the surface after applying your disinfectant to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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