Seven Tips & Tricks for a Safe Auto Scrubber

To take pride in your floor, you need to take a walk behind an auto scrubber. The choices may be vast, but at the end of the day (and the tile design), the checklist is simple. Safety first, followed by quality control. We at Weiss Bros. have dedicated our December to brushing up our expertise and stockpile on all things auto scrubbing so you can end the decade and begin a new year with floors crystal clean.

Floors often denote the most substantial investment; therefore, they require the most work. Why not take a load off and let the machine do it for you. Maintenance is the key to the longevity of your hard floor, and auto scrubbing is an essential way to invest in your company’s first impression of it.

Before you start scrubbing, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Safety: Always wear gloves and protective equipment when working with an automatic scrubber – You could come in contact with bacteria from the dirt and debris the unit has picked up.
  2. Squeegees: Check squeegees for tears or debris if streaking, or if it’s not gathering water; some machines have a leveling adjustment – clean, flip, adjust or replace a squeegee to use both sides.
  3. Recovery Tank: Completely rinse tank after every use; mist with disinfectant and leave open to dry.
  4. Clean Tank: If you plan to store the unit for a short time, also remember to drain the clean waterline, allowing the chemical residue not to become sticky.
  5. Battery: Properly charging batteries is critical when trying to maintain optimal battery life
  6. Clogs: Check recovery hose and squeegee assembly for clogs; if present, remove immediately.
  7. Pre-sweep: Always pre-sweep the floor before using an auto scrubber; this will reduce clogs and squeegee damage.

Have a floor to scrub? We have a solution for you. Reach out today so we can get you on an automatic path to success.

-Focused on You,

Weiss Bros.