Stains Are Pains: Solutions To Maintain Linens

We are all familiar with the scene. Daytime talk-show hosts or CSI crime lab technicians using black lights to unveil a horrifying display of stains on hotel sheets and bedding which didn’t quite make the cleaning cut. At Weiss Bros., we are focused on ensuring our partners have the proper knowledge and product solutions to eliminate tough stains and maintain a clean environment. Today we’re going to talk about the power of combining the right products and processes to keep your linens clean and smelling fresh!

Always make sure your linens are clean, dry, and wrinkle-free before putting them away. If they’re not, guess what? More than likely they will now contain mildew and will still be spotted, wet or wrinkled when you need them.

Sort First. We know that sounds too simple, but what happens if you don’t? You may load your machine with extra detergent and cleaners, so you get out every stain on the first wash. Or, you could wash everything together with your normal detergent amounts, throw it all in a dryer and SET those stains, leaving you with stained linens only fit for the trash. Either of those scenarios costs your business unnecessary money. Therefore, we suggest sorting heavily stained linen from the lightly soiled linen and washing separately.

For tough stains, use a pre-spray before washing. Remember, a pre-spray is precisely that, it must be used BEFORE you wash to be effective. During the sorting process, for those items that are heavily soiled, take time out to pre-spray the stains, and set aside the linen to allow the preventative measure to work before putting it into the machine.

When linens come out of the dryer with deep-set stains, set them aside until you have enough for a full load of stained linens. Once you’ve collected enough of a pile, run a load using a reclaim product, not your regular daily washing detergent, and breathe new life into those ugly, stained linens. Following this process, you should be able to reclaim around 30% of linens you may now be throwing away.

When sorting linens, make sure you wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): gloves, mask, and eye-protective wear. It’s important to understand you can come into contact with harmful bacteria while sorting stained and soiled linens. Remember to change your gloves frequently and always wash your hands thoroughly when finished sorting to assure a healthy work environment.

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