Planned Maintenance Program

Imagine having a team that takes care of your equipment issues before the costs add up.

Why Have a Planned Maintenance Program

  • Regular PM service means less downtime. Your equipment is ready to work!Planned Maintenance Program
  • PM service helps to insure that the equipment is in SAFE, operating condition.
  • Insure maximum machine performance.
  • Protect machine investment by correcting small problems before they become big ones.
  • Receive discounted labor rates for all service calls.
  • Asset Management – Tracking of life cycle of equipment.
  • Detailed service reports allowing the owner to track service performed.
  • Regular PM service means maximum machine productivity and machine life
  • Since we see our customers on a regular basis, we keep them informed on product updates and improvements that will or can maximize the efficiency of their equipment.
  • Three different PM programs are available to meet the customer’s needs
  • PM calls can be scheduled based on the customer’s needs
  • PM customers receive priority scheduling for all calls
  • Our response time expectation is to contact the customer within 2 hours from the time the call is received and our goal is to be on site within 24 hours.  In most cases we are able to respond the same day as the call.
  • Guaranteed Service – When a machine is on a PM, the machine will get serviced.  Many times, customers that have in-house service, the sweeper or the scrubber are the last pieces of equipment to get serviced.  And in most cases, the service only covers basic maintenance.
  • The customer is not under contract with Weiss Bros.  Our PM agreements can be cancelled at any time without any penalty to our customers.
  • The customer has the option of issuing one purchase order for all service.
  • We handle all warranty needs for the customer including filing the necessary paperwork and returning defective parts.
  • We provide any operator training that is required by the customer.
  • Weiss Bros is in a partnership with the PM customer.  We want to develop a long-standing relationship with the customer, and make sure the customer is getting the greatest value for their money.
  • The PM program helps keep the PM customers machine up and running at the lowest possible cost.  We service only what needs to be serviced.
  • We keep the PM customer informed of available product discounts.

 The Truth about Floor Equipment

  • Over the life time of an unmaintained piece of equipment, the owner will buy that amount again in service.  Maintained equipment will only cost 50% of that number and last on average 2 years longer.Floor Cleaning Equipment Repair & Maintenance
  • The total cost to clean is 96% labor and 4% everything else.  Equipment cost compared to employee down time is a fraction of the cost.
  • 70% of facility managers over spend the repair budget due to lack of maintenance.
  • 28% on average equipment in any given facility either needs repair or is not working effectively.
  • 88% of all facilities have down equipment and most of the time the facility managers are not aware.

Types of  Planned Maintenance Programs: 

1.  Flat Rate Maintenance Agreement – This program provides the customer with a set rate for regularly scheduled planned maintenance.  This rate will be determined by the frequency of the planned maintenance service.

2. Actual Time and Material – This program bills the customer for the actual time and materials that are necessary to complete a quality service of their machinery.  It allows the customer to pre-schedule their service.

3.  Performance Inspections – This program is designed for customers who need our certified technicians to only inspect their equipment and report their findings.

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