Distribution Facilities: Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies

Weiss Bros. provides distribution facilities with proactive, innovative, cost effective solutions to meet their goals. We understand the goal of moving product to customers to generate profits and retain satisfied clients.  We also understand business constraints such as reduced budgets, time management and reduced manpower.

Our Approach:

With programs like Kimberly Clarkes The Healthy Workplace Project, your facility becomes more productive.  We evaluate janitorial, safety and packing products and analyze procedures. Our professional sales consultants suggest products and systems that reduce cost and labor.  In addition, we train your employees on proper techniques and procedures.

Utilizing our experienced sales team and industry’s top suppliers, we provide the knowledge and products to build a comprehensive program for your facilities. Our partnerships prove that we understand our clients’ needs and help to provide a more productive and profitable environment.

Weiss Bros. is a leading supplier of janitorial, safety and packing supplies for distribution facilities in Hagerstown MD, Frederick MD, Martinsburg WV, Winchester VA and Chambersburg PA areas.

Top Distribution Facility Janitorial & Cleaning Supply Brands:


The Healthy Workplace Project

How Absenteeism Impacts Your Business

According to the Bureau of Labor, American businesses lose an average of 2.8 million workdays each year due to unplanned absences–costing more than $74 billion of which $55 billion can be attributed to illness.

By promoting healthier workplace habits, such as encouraging proper hand-washing techniques and utilizing hands-free sanitizers & surface sanitizing wipes, businesses can significantly reduce the spread of germs throughout the office, helping curtail sick days and dramatically cutting absence expenses.

Try the Kimberly-Clark Absenteeism Calculator to see how much money you could be losing!