7 Laundry Tips and Tricks

Linen Management can be challenging and costly. Following proper procedures is important to get the best results. Below are some tips for getting results when handling linen.

Green Laundry


1. Maintain laundry equipment – its important to have a planned maintenance in place. To get desired results, proper wash action is a must.

2. Temperature – having the correct temperatures when washing and drying is needed to get results. Follow manufacturers guidelines for proper temps.

3. Sorting – Always sort linen by soil level, colors and linen type. Sort linen before washing.

4. Gloves – always change gloves when loading, sorting soiled linen, or working with chemicals. Change gloves helps to avoid cross contamination and keeps staff safe.

5. Disinfect machine doorknobs – sanitize the doorknobs on all machines frequently. Make sure you follow the chemical label for proper dwell time.

6. Pretreating – conduct during sorting stage and select correct pre spotter. Always remove any biomass during this step and use a soft bristle brush to work in pre-spotter.

7. Reclaim – establish a reclaim bin and process when you have a full load of reclaim linen.


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