Are High Speed Dryers Worth the Risk?

Are High Speed Dryers Really Worth the Risk?

Several new studies reveal that high speed dryers can pose bacterial contamination, tenant dissatisfaction and other business risks. Here is why they’re not as hygienic as they claim…

Risk 1: Dryers Harbor Bacteria

Bacteria live on the surface and insid the airstream of the dryer. Contrary to popular belief, you can get bacteria on your hands by using a hand dryer! Newer models may also require you to place your hands inside the dryer – another opportunity for contact with germs!

Risk 2: Bacteria Travels

Bacteria found in the airstream of the dryer can blow onto you and throughout the restroom – up to 2 meters! Paper towel usage received the least risk of contamination.

Risk 3: Time is Precious

Although some hand dryer models cliam to dry your hands in 12 seconds, studies have shown the average drying time to be around 20 seconds, while with paper towels it is around 10 seconds.

Risk 4: Air Dryers Increase Bacteria on Hands

Here are the stats for bacteria increase on hands per drying method:

  •  42% increase in bacteria with high speed dryers
  • 254% increase in bacteria with warm air dryer
  • 77% DECREASE in bacteria when using a paper towel

Risk 5: Start Up Costs Higher

Up to 4 times more to be exact! 4 dryers for every one paper towel dispenser…and that does not include the extra energy costs associated with running the dryers.

Risk 6: Noise Pollution

The noise level generated by one high speed hand dryer unit is comparable to city traffic from inside a car (84/85 dB).

 View the entire PDF, including all figures & stats on this study done by Kimberly-Clark.