Cleaning Chemical Management System

The 3M™ Twist ’n Fill™ Cleaning Chemical Management System features a single, compact dispenser that is designed to accurately mix and dispense a wide range of cleaning chemicals. You pick and choose only the chemicals you need for your cleaning tasks—and mix and dispense them all through the same dispenser. The result? Mixing is easy and less wasteful. Your cleaning chemicals are consistent. Storage of chemicals is simplified. And, in the long run, your costs are lower. 


Why 3M Twist & Fill?

• To help customers meet their sustainability goals and initiatives, or to aid in complying with government and state regulations, 3M has completed certification on nine of its products from Green Seal™, a nationally recognized not-for-profit environmental organization

• Dispense all products with cold water, using one compact dispenser

• Unique bottle and cap design lets you interchange chemicals in seconds

• Very compact—fits in most closets

• Easy to use—just insert bottle, twist and fill

• Integral air gap prevents chemical back flow

• Flexible—mount on wall or, for portability, on cart or cleaning equipment

• Accurate dispensing technology helps ensure consistent, effective chemical performance

• Automatic 3-gallon per minute dispense rate for bucket applications; 1-gallon per minute for trigger spray bottle applications

• Automatic shut-off attachment also available

• Tamper-resistant packaging helps control chemical mixing away from the dispenser

3M Twist 'n Fill Cleaning Chemical Dispenser

Choose only the chemicals you need, only when you need them Choose from a wide variety of top-performing chemicals formulated to meet most cleaning needs.  All have these features in common:

• A single dispenser can be used for all chemicals

• Concentrated chemicals to maximize value and reduce packaging

• Packaged in easy-to-handle, easy-to-store 2-liter bottles

• English/Spanish labels, numbered and color-coded for easy identification

Automated Chemical Mixing


The idea is simple: Concentrated cleaning chemicals are automatically and accurately mixed with water to create properly diluted products that are ready to use.

• Automated mixing means consistent, effective chemicals

• Potential employee contact with concentrated chemicals is addressed

• Storage is reduced to a fraction of that needed with traditional systems

• Worker productivity is increased through consistent chemical performance

• Aids compliance with OSHA “right-to-know” laws. 3M provides Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and labels for both the concentrated chemicals and the diluted products

• Tamper-resistant packaging helps to


The 3M™ SMART Program Provides Complete Training for the 3M™ Easy Clean System

The 3M™ SMART training system will provide your employees with comprehensive training for the new 3M Easy Clean System. The tools—which can be customized to meet your individual requirements—standardize cleaning procedures and make it easier to comply with OSHA and infection control guidelines.


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