EasyNaps: A Perfect Solution for Food Service Businesses


EasyNaps From Georgia Pacific

One at a time dispensing makes a difference! Independent research has proven napkin usage is reduced by 56.6% when switching from smaller tall fold style napkins. The EasyNap option from Georgia Pacific are the perfect solution for food service businesses.

Weiss Bros. is happy to provide several EasyNap options to food service businesses in MD, PA, WV and VA, inlcuding:

EasyNap Tabletop Dispenser










EasyNap Tabletop Dispenser

EasyNap® Tabletop dispenser capacity is 250 EasyNap napkins. The dispenser is designed to hold one full inner pack of 250 plus have room for 50 additional napkins from the prior load, to help minimize run-out. That’s twice the capacity of most tabletop tall fold dispensers and three times that of most low fold models! The EasyNap Tabletop dispenser is engineered to provide simple and dependable operation. It functions without any moving parts and is easily refilled using the hidden latch door for greater operational efficiencies. EasyNap is the high capacity replacement for tall fold & low fold napkin users including Ice Cream & Donut Shops, Coffee Shops, Diners, Limited Service Restaurants & Point of Sale Dispensing Environments.
Features & Benefits:
 » Holds 1 pack- 250 1-ply or 200 2-ply EasyNap napkins
 » Compact size is perfect for areas with limited counter or table space
 » One-at-a-time dispensing reduces usage and helps provide a more hygienic operation
 » Dual sided dispensing allows napkins to dispense from both sides for easy access
 » Merchandising window
 » Dispenses soft, attractively embossed napkins to enhance image


EasyNap Wallmount Dispenser



EasyNap® Wall or Base Mount Tower Napkin DispenserEasyNap® wall or Base mount tower system is a dispenser napkin solution for the 21st century. EasyNap® with easy to grab, one at a time napkin dispensing, reduces costs by up to 30% versus MorNap® style napkins and helps provide patrons a hygienic experience. This high capacity system holds up to five times the capacity of traditional dispensers, extending napkin service through peak periods. Ideal for high traffic foodservice and concession operators, it’s easy to see why EasyNap® is the system that meets everyone’s needs.
Features & Benefits:
 » Extends napkin service through peak periods and reduces the need to refill
 » Hygienic, touch free delivery system protects napkins and reduces the risk of cross-contamination
 » See-thru, hinged door provides easy to view capacity at a glance and locked to protect napkins from waste
 » Holds 4 packs- 1000 1-ply or 800 2-ply EasyNap napkins


EasyNap Napkins


EasyNap® Embossed Dispenser NapkinsEasyNap® high capacity dispenser napkin system controls usage by dispensing napkins one at a time. Independent research has proven napkin usage is reduced by 56.6% when switching from smaller tall fold style & by 30% when switching from larger standard MorNap style to EasyNap in a QSR environment. Simple for employees to load, easy for customers to use, and easier than ever for you to save money. Over 50% reduction in case size frees up valuable storage space and usage reduction means less inventory needed on hand. All of which makes EasyNap® a very easy decision when you want to deliver quality, service, and value while controlling costs. Folded Size (W x L) 6.5″ x 5″.
Features & Benefits:
 » One-at-a-time dispensing reduces usage by up to 56%
 » Up to 50% case size reduction verses large dispenser napkins frees up storage space
 » Unique fold design allows more napkins per dispenser, which reduces labor costs, improves dispensing, and saves valuable space
 » EPA compliant for recycled fiber content



EasyNaps are one of the single smartest ways around to create “A Better Guest Experience”, make a better use of space and build a better bottom line!

Available at Weiss Bros. for MD, VA, PA & WV Food Service BusinessesContact us today for ordering information.