eLev8: A Blueprint for Smart Business Solutions

We help you make smart business decisions based on fact, not hope.

The #1 thing clients tell me they want to do is to create better outcomes from the information they have.  The way to do that is through analytics (commonly referred to as BI).

Therefore, the goal of eLev8 is to gain control of your data & turn it into, not just organized information, but actionable intelligence.  With this intelligence, we can reduce costs, cut waste, improve efficiency, productivity & quality.

eLev8 isn’t just a metaphor, vision or proposal.  eLev8 is happening…

The amount of business data created this year is expected to reach 1 trillion gigabytes. That’s enough to fill a stack of DVDs that reaches the moon… and back.

The sheer volume of available data is overwhelming to most business owners. The result? Critical decisions about products, processes and supply chain logistics are based more on hope than fact. As we all know, hope is not a strategy. Can you afford to turn strategic business decisions into a guessing game?

Your data is trying to tell you something. Is your business prepared to listen?
Weiss Bros. uses a web-based tool called eLev8 to give you answers when most of your competitors are still struggling with the questions. Using a consultative approach, we provide you with the right information, in real time, that helps to spot trends and predict outcomes before they occur. By utilizing eLev8 analytics to interpret massive amounts of data, we turn information into insight, which empowers you to develop sound, fact-based strategies.

As we use eLev8 to ask you questions about your business, we’ll uncover a blueprint for smart business solutions and supply chain optimization. This process is based on universal business needs and focuses on:
• Enhancing your overall image
• Promoting a healthy workplace
• Reducing total costs
• Increasing productivity
• Satisfying sustainable objectives

Clarity. Perspective. Peace of mind. This is what you can expect to achieve when the right data is used to identify the best solutions and forecast quantitative results for your business.

Remember, your data is trying to tell you something. We’re here to listen and develop cost-effective solutions. Contact us to have a Weiss Bros. consultant walk you through the eLev8 process.

You may also find the following videos about eLev8 useful: