Fortify The First Line Of Defense Against The Flu With GOJO ADX

Fortify The First Line Of Defense Against The Flu






A seemingly healthy individual can infect other people with a flu virus one day before experiencing symptoms and up to five days after getting sick.  In other words, people can spread the flu without even realizing it.  The end result?  Tens of millions of missed days at work and school.  The flu is a productivity killer.  Germs can live on surfaces like doorknobs, phones, desks and counters for more than two hours, which is why good hand hygiene is the first line of defense against the flu.

Introducing The GOJO ADX Dispensing System

Easy to service and built to last, the GOJO ADX Dispensing System takes hand hygiene to a whole new level.  This manual foam soap and hand sanitizer dispensing system is different because it combines sleek design, robust construction, sustainability features and skin care science into one remarkable system.

Dependable & Easy To Service

Made of robust, engineering grade plastics, GOJO ADX Dispensing Systems come in high capacity and compact sizes to suit your specific needs.  The large sight window, skylight and clear refill bottles make monitoring easy, and sanitary sealed refills snap into place quickly and easily.  You can even add your company logo or hand hygiene compliance message.

A New Standard In Skin Care Science

In addition to vivid colors and spa-like fragrances, luxurious ADX Formulations of next generation soaps and hand sanitizer foams are enriched with moisturizers, skin conditioners and natural extracts to soothe and nourish skin.  And nothing is as hard on germs or as easy on hands as new PURELL Advanced, available in green certified formulations.

Sustainable Design

GOJO made smart, sustainable design choices that cut smog emissions, energy consumption and global warming emissions in the production of this new system.  ADX Dispensing Systems are also built with GOJO Smart Flex technology.  These lightweight bottles are made of recyclable PET material that’s just as durable as traditional, rigid HDPE bottles while using 30% less material.  Less plastic conserves resources and reduces waste, and that’s better for the environment.

Fortify the first line of defense against the flu.  Contact us and a Weiss Bros. consultant will help you choose the right ADX Dispensing System for your business, school or organization.