The Truth About Floor Equipment

Facilities Managers have a tough job. They need to not only keep their space tidy but they have to keep employee down-time and labor costs to a minimum and reduce the need for costly equipment repair.



Did You Know?

  • Over the life time of an unmaintained piece of equipment, the owner will spend that amount again in service.  Maintained equipment will only cost 50% of that number and last on average 2 years longer.
  • The total cost to clean is 96% labor and 4% everything else.  Equipment cost compared to employee down time is a fraction of the cost.
  • 70% of facility managers over spend the repair budget due to lack of maintenance.
  • 28% of equipment on average in any given facility needs repaired or is not working effectively.
  • 88% of all facilities have down equipment and most of the time the facility managers is not aware.

*Stats from ISSA and Windsor Industries

Those are some of the reasons Weiss Bros. is here to help! We offer many services that will help reduce costs, significantly cut employee down time and keep your facility in top condition.

Planned Maintenance Programs

There are many reasons why you should have a planned maintenance program, including less down time, avoiding costly repairs ahead of time and insuring maximum machine performance. We offer several planned maintenance programs including:

  • Flat Rate Maintenance Agreement– Provides the customer with a set rate for regularly scheduled planned maintenance.  
  • Actual Time and Material – Bills the customer for the actual time and materials that are necessary to complete planned maintenance on the machine.
  • Performance Inspections – Designed for customers who need our certified technicians to only inspect their equipment and report their findings.

Equipment Repair

We understand the cost to a business of having equipment out of service. That is why Weiss Bros. offers Cleaning Equipment Repair & Maintenance for our customers in Hagerstown MD, Frederick MD, Martinsburg WV, Winchester VA , Chambersburg PA and surrounding areas.

Used Equipment

Looking to lower your investment on cleaning & floor equipment for your business? Check out the used cleaning equipment available from Weiss Bros. Scrubbers, sweepers, carpet & floor cleaning machines all available.

Equipment Rental

Need something you dont own?  Weiss Bros. has rental equipment available for daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rentals. Here is a list of equipment we currently rent:

If we can assist you with any of these services, please contact us online or call 301.739.3069 Ext: 101.