Chambersburg, PA

Janitorial, Paper, Packaging, Commercial Cleaning Supplies in Chambersburg, PA.

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Weiss Bros. has served Chambersburg, PA and the Quad State area with supplies, floor equipment repair and training since 1938. Healthcare facilities, educational facilities and other commercial businesses in Chambersburg, PA have been using our quality cleaning & janitorial supplies, packaging, safety and food service supplies to improve productivity and save on costs.

Green Cleaning
Our mission is to educate and inform our customers and prospective customers of the benefits and rewards of using environmentally preferable products to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment. We provide Green Cleaning Products, procedures and implement a training program to teach your employees how to effectively insure that your facility provides a healthy environment for all of your employees and customers.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment
Weiss Bros.  distributes floor equipment to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania  and the surrounding Quad State area. We also repair and help customers maintain floor cleaning equipment as well. We understand the cost to a business of having equipment out of service.  Other floor equipment services that we offer include:

We will come to your facility to work on your equipment so down time is limited. We are committed to our customers and keeping their facilities clean.

Contact Weiss Bros. to learn how you can improve the health of your workplace environment while saving time and money.