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Saving lives and making life better through well-being solutions. It’s the GOJO purpose, and it drives innovation in hand hygiene and skin care. Help the people in your world stay well with GOJO!

Skin Health & Hygiene Products
GOJO takes a comprehensive approach to hand hygiene and skin care, considering a “day in the life” of the people in your world and all of the ways their lives can be enhanced through better skin health and hygiene. With gentle and effective formulas and the industry’s most reliable dispensing systems, we can equip your facility with a complete program to help enhance the lives of your people and the strength of your business.

Healthcare – Better Infection Control Starts with GOJO
For over 60 years, GOJO has been a leader in the areas of infection control and skin science, bringing innovative products to market that are designed to promote good hand hygiene and skin health. With our leading brands – PURELL, America’s #1 Instant Hand Sanitizer, and PROVON, a leading skin care brand, GOJO has led the healthcare industry in the development of innovative products, dispensing platforms and educational tools focused on improving hand hygiene compliance and patient outcomes. Throughout our history, we have worked closely with leading infection preventionists and epidemiologists to understand infection control needs in a variety of clinical settings.

Education – Build a Healthier Campus Community 
Hand hygiene plays a vital role in the learning community. Wherever students connect on campus, they spread germs hand-to-hand, and to objects they share. Performance suffers when Illness affects students’ ability to study, focus, attend class and do their best. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, hand hygiene is one of the most important steps in preventing illness and stopping the spread of germs to others.

Manufacturing – Maintain a Healthy, Productive Work Environment 
Most manufacturing facilities are hands-on environments, and hands play a critical role in worker health. Exposure to chemicals can lead to occupational dermatitis. Touching simple objects could spread illness-causing germs. Both can lead to lost productivity.
By applying scientific know-how to insights we achieved through experience in your world, GOJO has developed a whole systems approach to combating hand-spread germs and occupational dermatitis.

Food Service – Healthy Hands Serving Healthy Appetites 
Are your employees’ hands clean? Are they following your prescribed hand hygiene regimen to prevent contamination and the spread of germs? Compliance can be difficult given the fast-paced environment of a typical restaurant kitchen. Germs brought in by patrons can also lead to contamination.
GOJO offers easy-to-implement, comprehensive hand hygiene programs to help reduce your risk, including a Back of the House program for operators and employees, and a Front of the House Program that focuses on patrons.


Can Washroom Soap Make You Sick?

It’s hard to believe, but you could actually walk away with more bacteria on your hands after washing with soap from a refillable bulk soap dispenser in a public restroom. The contamination could even include fecal matter!

How could this be? Click here to find out how this happens, discover smart alternatives, and see how you can help protect your family’s health by being a voice for change.


Refillable Bulk Soap Puts the Health of Washroom Users and the Image of Building Owners at Risk

A recent study has shown that hands can have as much as 25 times more germs after washing with refillable bulk soap than before washing. Refillable bulk soap is the kind of washroom soap that’s typically poured from a gallon jug into an open dispenser reservoir. Click here to find out how this soap can put your health at risk, then take action to help stop the threat.

“Every time someone washes their hands using soap from an open refillable reservoir dispenser, they are gambling with their health.” University of Arizona, Microbiologist Dr. Charles P. Gerba


GOJO® SANITARY SEALED™ Refills Lock Out Germs and Enhance Washroom Image

GOJO listened to customer insights before engineering and bringing to market the GOJO SANITARY SEALED Soap System. It’s the safe, cost-effective, more sustainable and image-enhancing alternative to refillable bulk soap.

Refillable bulk soap is the kind typically poured from a gallon jug into a refillable dispenser. It’s bad for the health of washroom users, for the image of buildings and washrooms—and to customers’ bottom lines.  Click here to learn more.

The Refreshed PROVON® Product Line

The enhanced PROVON skin care program provides a soothing experience for residents and heightened performance for caregivers. You’ll maintain an effective skin care regimen for bathing, shampooing, perineal care and proper moisturization – with a family of mild products your residents and staff will want to use.  PROVON can be integral to your strategy of maintaining good hygiene, reducing odors and infections, preventing skin breakdown and promoting good skin health.
The PROVON product line features:

  • New and upgraded formulas
  • Appealing, home-like package design
  • Color coding by category for ease of storage and selection
  • Ergonomic shapes and sizes for convenient one-handed use
  • Comprehensive training, including Director of Nursing Skin Care Toolkit DVD
  • The proven performance of PROVON


Proper Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizing