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Weiss Bros. provides solutions for your Janitorial Supply, Industrial Packaging, Safety Supply, Healthcare Facility, Educational Facility and Food Service Disposable needs in Martinsburg, WV. With increasing costs and shrinking budgets, facility managers face the problem of maintaining a high quality level of product while keeping costs low. Through the introduction of innovative products and solutions that will increase productivity, save time and reduce costs, Weiss Bros. will help you to focus on what you do best, run your business to achieve your goals.

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Green Facility Supply Initiatives
Our mission is to educate and inform our customers and prospective customers of the benefits and rewards of using environmentally preferable products to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment. We provide Green Cleaning Products, procedures and implement a training program to teach your employees how to effectively insure that your facility provides a healthy environment for all of your employees and customers.

If you are located in the Martinsburg, West Virginia area or the surrounding Quad Stats and are looking to decrease costs, save time, and improve the quality of health in your facility, Contact Weiss Bros. today to find out how.