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Heritage Can Liners

Weiss Bros. is an authorized distributor of Heritage can liners, offering linear low density and high density trash bags, food and utility bags, healthcare bags and compostable bags. Before you purchase Heritage liners, it’s important to understand some “bag basics.”

Bottoms Seals

There are three types of bottom seals:

1)      Star: Designed without gussets, the star seal eliminates gaps along the seal where leaks can occur. This allows the bag to more easily conform to the shape of the container and distributes weight evenly inside the bag. Star seal liners maximize the bag’s carrying capacity and virtually eliminate leaks.

2)      Gusset: This flat style bag is manufactured with both sides tucked in to form gussets. Where indented, the bag is sealed through four layers of film while in the middle of the bag has only two.

3)      Flat: A flat seal is a two-dimensional bag with a bottom seal, much like a pillow case. Flat seals are generally leak-proof but are clumsy to handle. Also, they do not conform well to the shape of most trash receptacles.

Low Density vs. High Density

Linear Low Density Can Liners

  • Superior tear resistance compared to HD liners
  • Multipurpose applications
  • Most prevalent type of film used in the industry
  • Manufactured in a wide variety of colors
  • Compared to traditional low density film, linear low density can be run at a lighter gauge with equal or greater strength

High Density Can Liners

  • More puncture resistant than LLD liners of the same thickness
  • Much thinner than LLD liners but can hold the same or greater weight
  • Substantial cost savings on a per-liner basis
  • Heritage natural and white-pigmented bags are made from FDA-approved raw materials

Right-Sizing vs. Super Sizing

Right Sizing vs Super Sizing Can Liners





Why super-size when you can right-size, save money, and reduce wasted resources? Biggest isn’t best when it comes to liners. Many companies make the mistake of purchasing liners that are anywhere from 20% to 71% bigger than what’s needed for a container. Cans come in different heights, widths, depths and shapes. Choosing the right size liner will get you the best possible value.

Choosing the Right Bag Video

Bag Thickness Video


Contact us and let a Weiss Bros. representative conduct a site analysis to determine the best Heritage liner solutions for your business or organization.